DERIVEN is a 41 years old company, created in 1961. They started producing ethyl-derived products in our factory in Almeria, Spain, and since then we have become a multinational group specialized in two fields, pharmaceutical and agricultural products, under the DERIVEN AGRONUTRITIONAL brand.Concerning the agricultural division, we started working the Spanish market in 2001, then moved to South America, and, since 2010, we have started working Maghreb, Middle East, Eastern Europe, Central Asia and Central African markets. With regard to products, we have three broad range of products: Iron chelates, EDDHA, EDDHSA, EDTA..Deficiency correctors : standard or tailor-made products, with variable concentrations of the main microelements (Fe, Zn, Mn, B, …). Amino AcidsHumic and fulvic acidsbiostimulants....Our R&D department, following the guidelines established by our Marketing team, is working on to-day’s and especially on the mid and long-term demands of the main agricultural markets. We try to develop environment-friendly, cost-efficient solutions to solve the requirements of open field and protected agriculture, fruits and vegetables, cereals and industrial crops. We also try to adapt our products to the specific requirements of the different markets we work. It is not only the crop, also the environment where it is produced, the soil, the water, temperature, …, have a strong influence in the design of the product that will best satisfy its demands.Our Supply Chain/Logistic deep


Palabras clave asociadas a esta empresa

  • Fertilizantes químicos
  • quelato de hierro
  • micros quelatados
  • amino ácidos y humicos
  • bioestimulantes - fertilizantes

Información complementaria

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Cifras clave

  • 11 – 50


  • Actividad principal
    Sector de empresa
    Fabricante/ Productor

Mercados y zonas de intercambio

Zonas comerciales

Regional  -  Nacional  -  Europeo  -  Internacional


Información comercial


  • EXW En fábrica
  • FOB Franco a brodo
  • CFR Coste y flete
  • CIF Coste, seguro y flete
Responsabilidad vendedor
Responsabilidad comprador

Formas de pago

  • Transferencia Swift
  • Crédito documental

Entidades bancarias

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