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China Lathe Turning Parts Manufacturer custom produce all kinds of Turning parts according to customer’s drawing or samples, we can produces stainless steel Turning parts,carbon steel Turning parts, aluminum turning parts,brass & copper turning parts. Name: Turning Parts Material: Stainless Steel,Carbon Steel, Aluminum Alloy,Brass Finish: Natural, passivation for stainless steel,anodizing & anodine for aluminum,zinc plating,chrome plating,nickel plating,hot galvanizing heat treating,oiled for carbon steels, etc. Machined type: Manual Lathe Turning, Automatic Turning, CNC Turning,Drilling,Thread tapping,Tool Milling, CNC Milling, etc. If you are interest in our Lathe turning services, welcome send us a inquiry, then we can discuss about your turning parts project !