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China Metal Stamping Factory Custom Deep Drawn Parts By Deep Drawing Processing


Custom Deep Drawn Parts – China Quality Deep Drawing Service Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co., Ltd specialize in custom deep drawn parts more than 10 years, it’s made by hydraulic pressure machines or punch machine. material can be stainless steel 201, 304,316 and stainless iron, carbon steel, copper, Aluminum, etc. finish can be polishing, plating, powder coating, painting, etc. Deep drawing is the punch will move onto the flat sheet metal into the mold cavity in the cold forming process. Different from other drawing process, drawing a deep degree can pull more than its original diameter billet. Deep drawing technology in the production process is widely used. Drawing used in many industries. For example, you can use in the automotive industry in the production of automotive parts; also be used to manufacture household products, such as stainless steel kitchen sink,enclosure,console box or cover,motor shell… We are professional Metal Stamping & Deep Drawing service provider from China.

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