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Innovative Polyester Insulation

Innovative Polyester Insulation

Lanzamiento de un producto ・ 18 ene 2017

Polyester insulation aritherm from thermo-bonded polyester staple fibers at 34kg/m3 density in panel form and 18kg/m3 density in batt form. Contact us for an introductory samples package now at:

μη υφαντό γεωύφασμα παραγωγής

μη υφαντό γεωύφασμα παραγωγής

Γεωυφάσμα ・ 1 nov 2016 leer más Open In New icon

κατασκευάζεται από ίνες πολυπροπυλενίου σταθεροποιημένες μηχανικώς από 150 gr/m2 έως 2.000 gr/m2.

Production of non woven geotextiles

Production of non woven geotextiles

Geotextiles ・ 1 nov 2016 leer más Open In New icon

Applied to civil construction foundations projects (railways, roads, reservoirs, tunnels), and to buildings' permanent drainage systems, separation, stabilization and support. There is a production possibility of geotextiles to specific requirements (strength, deformation, water permeability, etc.), depending on the needs of the technical implementation. Contact us for a quote :

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