Why does internationalization need localization? What is it used for?


The adaptation of texts forms part of localization work which consists of an exhaustive analysis of the product, and all that it entails from different perspectives: linguistic,sociocultural,legal-political.The person or team that carries out this type of work not only needs to have a good command of the language of the destination country, they must also have extensive knowledge about its: history, culture, politics. And know its street slang and folklore. The association with: a word, a name, a surname, a joke, an unpleasant case. Can: determine the image of your campaign, prevent it from attaining its objectives. On the other hand, good advice about the choice of words, images, ideas. It can help you win over the hearts of potential consumers. Advertising campaigns. A professional localization service encompasses the analysis of the advertising campaign and all the texts intended to circulate on the foreign market: interface, catalogs, instructions.

Traducción comercial
  • localize translation
  • website localization
  • marketing translation
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