Sonda de temperatura de resistencia / de rosca / IP68


Para ver la traducción automática haga clic aquí This sensor comes with reduced tip; being suitable for various industrial temperature assemblies. The device is predominantly used with low temperature applications; and it features a neck tube; which serves as separation between the connection head and the process connection. The design is a DIN-style one; being welded; while the process connection are threads of type G 1/2; G 3/4; G 1; 1/2" NPT. The reduced tip design and the two diameters available; of 12/6 mm and 11/6 mm are also worth mentioning; as are the IP54 to IP68 certifications. Optionally; users can attach a head-mounted transmitter and display.


Características del producto

Tecnología: de resistencia
Montaje: de rosca
Otras características: IP68
Rango de temperatura: -200°C y ≤ 600°C

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