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Palissandro - Pavimento y revestimiento porcelánico


We have reinvented the exclusive and appreciated PALISSANDRO marble with a softened finish (satin matt) that allows its chromatic characteristics to be appreciated in full detail. The PALISSANDRO Collection stands out for its flowing lines, which combine bluish and greyish veins with warm shades on a white background, creating a polychromatic effect of great beauty and elegance. This new porcelain floor and wall tile offers an avant-garde aesthetic that is perfect for neutral interiors with a strong personality. Inspired by the emblematic marble that has its origin in the quarries of the Alps (Italy), the design of this collection becomes the centre of attention for its high capacity to add value to the most sophisticated interior design projects. The reinterpretation of this classic marble is complemented by a decoration with a grooved surface that enhances the fluidity of the veining without altering the natural structure.