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Established in 2005, Soluciones de embalaje en plástico was born as an answer to the lack of a customised service in the packaging industry caused by an inminent globalisation. In Soluciones de embalaje we believe every customer's project has unique demands that need to be treated differently. This can be due to logistics (limit temperatures, packaging weight resistance, etc), marketing (customised designs for special offers) or company policies (compostable materials). Each project is different and we adjust to those needs. From thermoforming to high frequency welding, die-cutting or plastic injection, we offer a wide range of services we personalise for every customer. We also offer a wide range of products like clam shells, trays, plastic displays, plastic boxes, pieces... etc. In addition, we offer extra services like batch-numbering, tag printing and tagging, handling and transportation. Furthermore, due to our ethics policy, we do everything in our hands to be as ecofriendly as possible. Therefore, the plastic we use is 100% recyclable due to its high quality and purity and we also offer totally-recycled and compostable materials.


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  • Plásticos: embalajes y envases
  • embalajes de plastico
  • envases de plástico
  • termoconformado de materiales plásticos
  • blíster
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