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Ming Xiao Mfg as a professional metal parts supplier, specialize in Hot forging services, we can produce small steel forged parts by ourself and outsource the big steel forged parts as blanks then machining it to final parts.Can effectively reduce the production cost and improve the production speed, as well as product quality. Hot Forging refers to the process of forging and pressing metal objects in a red hot state with air hammers or presses (die stamping machine). Forging is to bake and knead the metal of the object into a shape. Nowdways, we use a high-frequency heater to heat the metal object to a red state within a few seconds, and then put it into the mold cavity for compression molding. Features: Steel Forged parts have high hardness, sharp and wear-resistant, good texture, and good corrosion resistance, which can ensure that the objects have good mechanical properties and a long service life. If you have any steel forged parts, welcome contact with us to check it.