VI Series Inrow Type

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VI Series Inrow type Crane Cabin Coolers are bringing breath of fresh air to crane cabins. Process cranes in Steel, Non-Ferrous metals, Mining, Oil&Gas, Cement, Paper, Offshore industries have the most challenging environmental conditions. Extremely dusty and corrosive, very high and low ambient temperatures are enemies of crane cabin coolers and cause failures and stoppages sometimes. Perfect solution on keeping the A/C in protected environment! The whole A/C unit except condenser unit is kept inside on the cabin where is more safe than outside conditions. No worries, we still keep all the precautions for condenser unit too. There are still a lot of options for condenser unit such as Cu/Cu or SS coils as well as various coating options for coil and fans. The models are perfect match with the sizes of E-Panels in Electrical cabins. They are stackable next to each other or to be placed in spread delivering homogenious air temperature balance in cabins.

  • Climatización - material
  • Enfriamiento de cabina
  • Soluciones de enfriamiento
  • Acondicionadores de aire para grúas

Características del producto

capacidad de enfriamiento
4,2 kW - 22,6 kW
Temperatura ambiente máxima de servicio
Resistente al polvo
Diseño duradero contra el polvo
Resistente a la corrosión
Diseño duradero contra la corrosión
Resistente a la vibración
Diseño duradero contra la vibración

Domain icon Fabricante/ Productor

1951MS Velsen Noord - Países Bajos