extrusión de tubos de plástico (Extrude Plastic Pipes) - Custom Extruded Plastic Pipes & Tubes From China Plastic Extrusion Factory

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Ming Xiao Manufacturing Co Ltd is specialize in Plastic extrusion profiles,pipes, rods, rails, LED lampshade,Wiring trunking, Speaker body, Kinds of Shells and slides,we can produce plastic extrudsion products from materials of PVC, ABS, PP,PE,PC,PMMA, AS /PE... The extrusion molding service is to heat the plastic material and make it in the state of viscous flow. Under the action of pressure, the plastic mold is used to form a continuum that is similar to the shape of the die. Then the cooling is made to form a glass state, and the plastic products with a certain geometry and size are obtained by cutting. We provide a variety of extrusion process processing, cold extrusion, hot extrusion, two-color co-extrusion, three-color co-extrusion, soft and hard co-extrusion,can meet customer requirements of different products processing needs! If you need any plastic extrusion profiles,welcome send your drawings and samples to us for a quote.