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Autoergon 2002 manufactures & commercializes 2 products considered world novelties: 1) Happylegs: “the seated walking machine”, a passive exercise machine that moves your legs automatically while seating, Pioneer, the best product within its category, now in 3 colors and 2) Manos Sanas: a hands finger massager. Both products are very introduced into the Spanish market in the home appliances for health and wellness and orthopedic sector as well that in companies to prevent labor risks of being sit too many hours. The more than 15 years in the market and over 120, 000 satisfied users support the benefits obtained and effectivity of our products. Happylegs is indicated for all those people who spend many hours sitting at home or at work. its automatic movement combats sedentary lifestyle, and also reduces sugar levels in blood, lowering insulin doses among diabetic people. As it stimulates blood circulation, it also prevents the appearance of varicose veins. it also prevents cellulitis. In the case of Manos Sanas, it improves the flexibility of the fingers and prevents carpal tunnel syndrome, and prevents the appearance of arthrosis, arthritis and deformation of fingers. Both products: Happylegs and Manos Sanas are indicated to improve our blood circulation in a simple and natural way: without effort, nor side effects. They are manufactured in Spain and have 5 years of warranty. CE market and with all the safety and quality European standards.- https: //


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