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Learning should be fun and not forced Language learning, especially in adulthood, usually presents many difficulties, that are most due to stress and self-imposed pressure. When we learn a language, we do not just learn some words or some grammatical rules, we learn a new way of thinking, a new culture. For this reason it is very important to enjoy the process of learning and to enjoy the language itself. When we are relaxed and happy, our brain is able to assimilate more easily new knowledge and internalize it more quickly. Learning through experience is not only more effective, but also more rewarding and fun. That is why we want to break with the typical school stereotype of too much theory, pressure to achieve and boring classes. We want you to learn and have fun at the same time. Anybody can learn Your age, your educational level or any other factor are not impediments to your learning progress. The only possible obstacle in your way is yourself! The flexibility of our system allows us to tailor the learning process to your needs and tastes, but above all allows you to learn at your own pace. Each person is unique, and therefore has an individual rhythm and a different way of learning. Our teachers are always ready to adapt to you as a student and to provide guidance and advice in your learning process. So now you have no excuse, you cannot say: “I cannot learn Spanish”, instead you have to say: “When can I start? ”

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